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To: Health Ministers, Premiers, and Prime Minister Trudeau

Canadians have waited long enough. It’s time to agree on a health care funding deal.

It’s time for you to reach a sensible agreement regarding health care funding.

You know that the healthcare system is foundering.

The news media have been full of the concerns of the medical community about their need for help. Now hear from us, the taxpayers and voters who rely on you to cooperate in finding a solution to the tears in the fabric of the national health care system.

You are Canadians’ elected representatives, paid your generous salaries from our tax dollars. Know that we are tired of this unjustifiable bickering between the levels of government and want you to do the job that we elected you to do – serve the people of Canada.

Provincial and Territorial Governments, you need to stop resisting the demand for data, results tracking, and accountability for the dollars you receive from me and my fellow taxpayers by way of the federal government. I want assurances that the money you receive from the federal government that is designated for health care gets spent on health care and produces visible, measurable results in service delivery.

Federal Ministers, I urge you to reach an agreement for sustainable increased funding that meets the needs for health service delivery by the provinces and territories over all the years it will take to bring the health care system back up to optimal levels of staffing and service, and keep it there.

I urge you all to come to a speedy resolution of this dispute that matches the urgency of the health care challenges we face.

Why is this important?

We all – the desperate patients, the burned out nurses, the struggling doctors, the other healthcare workers, researchers, and administrators, even the politicians and, certainly, the voters – know that a remedy is urgently needed for the crisis in the health care system.

Dangerously overstretched nurses, doctors, and paramedics, closed Emergency Rooms, the chronic shortage of family doctors, the migration of burned out medical professionals – especially nurses – to the private sector or to retirement, the failure to collect and transparently share data that reports resource levels and medical outcomes to allow Canadians to assure themselves that the system is working. These are just some of the issues that need attention and support.

Canadians have long believed that healthcare is a right and are baffled that this situation has been allowed to develop. It is more than time that our elected leaders fulfill their responsibilities and solve the health care funding impasse.


2023-02-02 22:46:43 -0500

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