To: Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Bill 66 Removes our Workers protections

Id like them to repeal the section of bill 66 which removed oversight on how employeed are hired, and that it would allow employers to force workers to work over 48 hours without consent from the ministry of labour. It would also prevent employers from posting workplace rights information.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important because workers would have no choice but to work the 48+ hours or fear risking their jobs. It is an extremely unfair bill that throws away the rights of the workers. It would cause mental health issues from overworking and create a toxic environment that limits our ability to have a work week that allows us to live our lives. It seems as if Doug Ford is limiting the knowledge of our rights by preventing them from being seen at the workplace. It seems as if hes actively trying to make things intentionally worse for the worling class.

How it will be delivered

Reddit, word of mouth