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To: Canadian Members of Parliament

Big Oil’s Lies Cost Lives – Support Bill C-372

Fossil fuel companies have been lying about climate change for years, threatening lives and our planet to protect their own profits. Like big tobacco used to, oil and gas companies spend millions every year blanketing the airwaves and social media making false claims to protect their profits at our expense.

But now we have the opportunity to stop the disinformation and greenwashing in its tracks. Bill C-372, a private member's bill tabled by New Democrat MP Charlie Angus, would ban the promotion and advertising of fossil fuels just like tobacco advertising is banned.

The countdown is on until Bill C-372’s second reading in the House of Commons – where it could get killed, or passed...

Sign our petition now to call on Canadian Members of Parliament to support Bill C-372 and put an end to fossil fuel industry lies and deception.

Why is this important?

Fossil fuels are driving climate change and causing skyrocketing levels of deadly pollution – Fossil-fuel pollution is directly linked to up to 34 000 premature deaths in Canada per year and over 8 million globally.

Meanwhile, greenwashing by oil and gas companies knowingly misleads the public with false claims of “net zero” and “carbon neutral” oil impeding informed consumer decision-making and delaying the transition to safer, cleaner energy sources.

Companies that create harmful products that threaten public health should not be allowed to advertise. For this reason, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment have been leading calls for a fossil fuel advertising ban, and three quarters of a million health professionals support such a ban. Now, with Bill C-372, we have the chance to make this a reality.

The bill could come to second reading very soon and a giant wave of support and signatures on this petition could be critical in tipping the scales and getting this bill passed. We need to show Parliamentarians that there is a massive collective of people who are tired of the lies and disinformation from the oil and gas industry and who won’t stop until Bill C-372 is passed.

Sign the petition now to support this important legislation and ensure its speedy passage into law.



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