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To: Craig Keating, President of the BC NDP

BC NDP: Respect and uphold the Equity Mandate.

BC NDP members fought hard to mandate the BC NDP support equity-seeking candidates to raise people like women and Indigenous people to make the party more diverse.

The Equity Mandate requires the party to create opportunities for people like women, Indigenous people, racialized people, LBGTQ2+ people, or those with disabilities.

Will you help us demand the BC NDP live up to its rules and implement the Equity Mandate in Stikine?

Why is this important?

Annita McPhee is a progressive Indigenous woman wanting to become the BC NDP candidate for Stikine riding. Annita announced her intention to seek the nomination once it was announced that Doug Donaldson would not seek re-election. However, the Party is trying to make exceptions to the policy to parachute in a Party-picked candidate.

She needs your support to ensure the BC NDP doesn’t break its rules. She needs your help to support opportunities for progressive Indigenous women to run for the BC NDP.


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