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To: Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

Ban Private Jets in Canada

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra needs to ban the use of private jets in Canada

Why is this important?

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra: — ban private jets to protect our climate.

In the last six weeks, Drake’s personal jet has taken three flights between Toronto and Hamilton — creating as many polluting gas emissions as the average person does each year [1]. If the federal government is serious about tackling climate change, Canada’s Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra must ban the super-rich from using private jets.

Private jets emit more than the entire country of Denmark and are approximately 50 times more polluting than if Drake were to hop on a train instead [2,3].

The super-rich need to make massive shifts in their lifestyle if we’re to address climate change. 1% of the world’s population is responsible for half of the emissions associated with flying [4]. The ones responsible for making the mess should also make the biggest changes to fix it. Experts say we need to “stop bringing buckets of water when only fire engines will do” [5]

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