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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Ontario Social Services Todd Smith

Workers claiming Federal Covid 19 benefits will cause loss of spouses' disability income!

I propose the following to both Provincial and Federal Governments;

-That the Federal Government promptly address the Ontario Government, on this this cruel claw back of Emergency Federal funding, dollar for dollar, by ODSP, for workers whose spouses are disabled.

Even temporary suspension on these claw backs, would help workers support their vulnerable family members and reduce their need to apply for ODSP discretionary funds, so that these emergency funds, are directed instead, to the most vulnerable, and those WITHOUT family support!

Why are workers, with spouses on ODSP being penalized? Especially during the Covid 19 crisis? We work as hard as other workers! This should at least, be stopped, for the duration of the pandemic!

-Please direct the Provincial Government to be transparent with the ODSP offices, and immediately provide the ODSP offices with clear direction, on these discretionary funds. Release these funds to their offices promptly, to help the most vulnerable groups...the seniors and the disabled! 

In speaking with ODSP Caseworkers and Supervisors, no direction, by the Province has been given and no funding, as promised by the Ford Provincial Government, has been allocated to date.

The ODSP office is being inundated with calls from other people, requesting these discretionary funds...where are these discretionary funds? I have elderly and disabled neighbours, whom have no food, nor supplies! Not to mention the stress these ODSP Provincial workers are under, due to the increase in calls from stressed Recipients.

-Please direct the Provincial Officials /Ministers, and their Representatives, to refrain from making stereotypical, judgemental statements about ODSP recipients, and their family members, and to interact with ALL Members of Society with compassion and empathy during this difficult crisis! 

Those on ODSP, most of whom are already immuno-compromised, have been waiting in dread, and are under tremendous stress, because nothing is being addressed on these issues by the Provincial Government!

-Please direct the Province in immediately addressing this issue, to relieve the uncertainty and stress of ODSP Recipients, and their supporting spouses!

Many of these seniors and disabled citizens have not had the opportunity to shop for food supplies, etc., so they can shelter in, to reduce, and avoid, contracting or spreading this deadly contagion. With the continued hoarding, what chance does a senior citizen, or disabled person, have to obtain their necessities such as food, medicines, etc.?

What measures have been put in place so they can get their needs met without putting their health, and others, at risk? This pandemic does not discriminate and it is growing at alarming rates.

-It would be prudent to suspend the ODSP claw backs, of worker emergency federal Covid 19 funding, at least during this Provincial and Federal crisis and Global Pandemic, so workers can better support their ODSP family Members and neighbors. We are all in this together!

Federal and Provincial Governments, words and promises of supporting the most vulnerable of your fellow Canadians mean nothing, however, your actions will!

Thank you

Why is this important?

Did you know, that if one spouse works full time, and the other receives ODSP Disability income, if that working spouse, gets furloughed, or laid off, and applies for the Covid 19 federal support benefit, ODSP will claw back those funds from the ODSP Recipients benefit dollar for dollar?
How does this allow workers, to support their vulnerable family members?
This was the answer from the ODSP Disability office, to my disabled husband, who recently suffered a heart attack! Why is this happening during a National Emergency and global pandemic?

What use, will the Federal Assistance be, to a furloughed worker, if it is deducted dollar for dollar by the Province?

It leaves us in the same reduced financial situation! No income from work, and having to live solely, on the paltry amount left over after clawbacks by ODSP?

How can a worker help his/her vulnerable family members to prepare for sheltering at home, and purchase enough supplies to survive, in this national and global pandemic? Yet, both Federal and Provincial Governments strongly advise us to stay home? With the ODSP mandates, as they stand, how is this possible?

I find it strange that neither the Federal Government, nor Provincial Government, has even addressed this? There is literally a media blackout on these questions. Why is this so?

In calling a certain MPP's office, to ask these same questions, one of the responses given to me by his Representative, was;

"We don't want anyone defrauding the system...not you of course!"

This obviously insensitive, and cruel comment, should not be directed to the public by a Representative, speaking on behalf of an elected Official! Especially during a health crisis! I don't see how a worker, asking legitimate questions, has anything to with "defrauding" the Province!

I don't understand why no one is addressing ODSP Disability Recipients, directly, in their public messages, to alleviate the stress and uncertainty, to answer any questions during a global pandemic? Seems cruel to ignore the most vulnerable...when the Provincial Government "claims" they wish to "protect ALL the People in Ontario?"

Does the Federal Government know that this is happening, at the provincial level, during this crisis?

The discretionary funds promised by the Provincial Government, to ODSP Recipients are not available at ODSP Offices. ODSP Caseworkers, whom have received many calls, have no information to offer, nor funding! There are many, including low-income senior citizens and ODSP Disability Recipients, out of food and supplies. Not only due to having little or no funding, but unable to obtain their necessities due to others' hoarding!


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