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To: Kevin Doherty - Minister of Advanced Education , Government of Saskatchewan

What you can do for #metoo in Saskatchewan

What you can do for #metoo in Saskatchewan

Create legislation requiring that all post-secondary institutions in the province develop and implement adequate sexual violence prevention policies, and create oversight mechanisms to ensure that they are effectively implemented.

Provide the necessary funding to post-secondary institutions, student groups, and community organisations so that they are able to implement sexual violence prevention policies thoroughly.

Why is this important?

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1 in 5 Canadian women will experience sexual assault while at university. Evidence suggests that these numbers are actually much higher due to the systemic barriers to reporting assaults that many women face. [1]

Universities have the means to prevent women from experiencing sexual assault and harassment on campus, but they need sufficient policies put in place to do that. Currently, almost no Canadian universities have adequate policies, and many have none at all. [2]

The provincial government needs to mandate that all post-secondary institutions implement sexual violence prevention policies, provide the funding necessary for them to do so, and create oversight mechanisms to hold those institutions to account.

Legislation should recommend that educational institutions’ sexual violence prevention policies have:

A Specific Immunity Clause for Drug and Alcohol Use
Protection from Face to Face Encounters During the Complaint Process
Survivor-Centric Interim Measures
Anonymous and Third Party Complaint Options
Recognition of the Intersectional Impacts of Sexual Violence
Required Sexual Violence Support and Sensitivity Training for all those involved in the Complaint Process
Independent Third Party Member of the Appeal Committee
Existence of Clear Timelines
Acknowledgment of Campus Rape Culture

Policies should not have:
Time limits for Filing a Formal Complaint
Threatening Sanctions for Vexatious, Malicious or False Complaints
Gag Order (During or Beyond the Complaint Process)
A Loophole whereby a complaint can be suspended if the respondent ends their relationship with the school (i.e. transfers or drops out) [3]




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Reasons for signing

  • Because schools are not taking the initiative to make it clear that this behavior is completely unacceptable. Anyone endangering other students in any way should not be welcome in any educational setting.
  • MeToo is also my experience.
  • I have 2 daughters and a grand daughter


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