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To: Canadian Prime Minister

Welcoming Strangers

We ask the Prime Minister...

Firstly: To take the lead to establish an international action group whose first priority is to address ways to stop the appalling number of migrant deaths happening in the Mediterranean.

Secondly: To educate and help other nations establish private sponsorships that have proven so successful in our own country.

Thirdly: The Canadian Government can take leadership to facilitate discussions focusing on a just and equitable way to share the burden of supporting migrants and refugees stranded in Europe. Many small countries are caught with an enormously disproportionate burden of responsibility. Canada can offer to initiate the dialogue, offer mediators and conflict resolution experts, and share information with other countries about the ways in which Canada has successfully managed to welcome 25 thousand refugees.

Why is this important?

As human beings and global citizens we need to take a stance and help provide solutions to the worst humanitarian crisis of our times.



2016-06-08 00:56:34 -0400

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