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To: Translink

Welcome on Board: Free Transit Passes for Refugees for their First Year

We, the citizens of the Lower Mainland, customers and supporters of Translink, fully support free transit passes for refugees for a period of one year from the date of their arrival. We request expedited implementation of action on this initiative.

Why is this important?

Thousands of people need to come to Canada for safety from terror and dangerous regimes. The people of the Lower Mainland want to do everything they can to help our new neighbors.

It is difficult for Refugees to find jobs, attend schools, and integrate into the community, not to mention the danger of social isolation.

To combat these issues, forward thinking cities across Canada, such as Victoria [1], Fredericton [2], and Halifax [3] have made transit free for Refugees for a year once they arrive. Many other cities are considering similar programs.

We, the undersigned, ask Translink to offer the same support.

Reports from city councils and transit authorities report the cost of the passes is minimal compared to the how much they could help Refugees get established and included in society. When one talks to the community, neighbors, support workers, and refugees emphasizes how much their current lack of transportation is an obstacle to getting settled.

It's time to help our new neighbors - please sign and share.



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