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To: Kevin O'Leary

We reject Kevin O'Leary's Trump-style politics

We reject Kevin O'Leary's Trump-style politics

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Dear Mr. O’Leary,

Today you announced you are running for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Your candidacy has drawn parallels to Donald Trump for its crass political opportunism and you have recently stated your support for Trump, saying that you would have voted for him and that the "next five years are going to be amazing." [1]

We reject these statements and others, such as your position that we should not raise taxes on the wealthiest people, or that it's fantastic news that 3.5 billion people live in poverty. We reject your privileging of corporate gain over the needs of the environment and our social safety net. We reject Trumpism in any form and will stand together to make Canada a more equal, just and sustainable country.

[Your Name]

Why is this important?

Here are just a few of the things Mr O’Leary has said over the last few years:

- He said the fact that 3.5 billion people are living in poverty is “fantastic news” [2]

- He said he would have voted for Trump and that we should "Hail King Trump" [1, 3]

- He told a business student that as long as you’re wealthy, you can have ‘many girlfriends’[4]

- He said he has “grave concerns” about raising taxes on the wealthiest Canadians [5]

- He wants to eliminate the carbon tax, build more pipelines and reduce regulations [6]

- He has suggested selling seats in the Senate [7]

- He called unions ‘evil’ and said that if he became Prime Minister he would make unions illegal and throw union members in jail [8]

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[8] Unions - Review from the Office of the Ombudsman. (CBC)

Reasons for signing

  • The values I have gleaned from Leith and quotes from O'Leary are not those I would ever Endorse in a leader in my country of any party!
  • Never liked his smart assed know-it-all attitude on TV.
  • Because Trump's style of politics will destroy the world, and even though it is certain that good will lose the war forever, I still want to spite the winning side in what small ways I can.


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