To: Social Services

UNODOC Offices in all Cities

UNODOC offices can address issues of police brutality in U.S and The government of Canada through U.N. peace Keepers reputation is ideal to coordinate through an international grant through IRS. Also to improve visibility of U.N in every town and city would address concern expressed in book 150 years of betrayal on indigenous relations in Canada. Gerald Celente of The Trebds Journal an American observed with concern a trend toward nuclear war on part if U.S so can address Black Lives matter concern abd promote peace .Tge idea is to start with a small, kiosk abd six vehicles unless a station is in budget. Also six U.N Food Program vehicles. That us a dozen vehicles bought durect with Revenue if Czbada funds sent to purchase from local car dealers.

Why is this important?

To prevent nuclear war people should join is why.
Also for employment as if te offices are successful the next step of 600 billion dollar tax transfer on VISA
credit card might be implemented through Revenue Service Canada to buy Walmart to convert to U.N Food Program to hire workers with enhanced protection under U.N.Charter. one billion cojld be left for VISA which has 600 billion total .same with Air ports as tge combined assets of wealthy in U.S are 3.2 trillion then to leave 1 billion dollars and purchase air lines to double as U.N Food Program is possible.
The planes would operate as passe gdr planes while shipping food in the cargo bay for U.N Food Program to be off loaded on arrival. of use to 1 million unemployed English and source of world employment.