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To: Prime Minister, MP's, Premiers, MPP's, Mayors

Universal Childcare for Canada

All levels of government in Canada need to work together to build a high quality Childcare plan for all school-aged children in Canada. We already have templates for this. They are called a Seamless Day or sometimes an Extended Day. This could be done ASAP. When this is operating across the country more time can be spent figuring out how best to support families with younger children.

Why is this important?

This is important for so many reasons.
a) It would allow both parents to contribute financially to their family income.
b) It would provide many jobs for trained Child development workers
c) It would ensure that all children have safe, skill-building activities to participate in outside of the regular school day.
d) This is a pluralistic approach to serving all families in Canada.

How it will be delivered

Still working on this



2021-01-05 13:21:14 -0500

Have a look at the Resources at Middle Childhood Matters -