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To: Ontario Government, Federal Government

Universal Basic Income

Continue the Basic Income Pilot in Ontario.
Implement a Universal Basic Income in Canada.

Why is this important?

We live in an age of increasing wealth and income inequality. We live in a wealthy country, but the wealth does not reach all citizens who contribute to its creation.
Wealth is distributed unfairly, to the advantage of the rich.
Precarious, gig, and contract jobs are on the rise.
While perfect equality will never be reached and is not a desirable economic outcome in itself, we recognize we must must TRANSFORM our economy to work fairly for the many not just for the few.
AUTOMATION will also replace many jobs in the near future.
We must strive for a society of prosperity not of precarity and job insecurity.

A UNIVERSAL GUARANTEED INCOME will be part of the solution. The UBI will pay a fixed monthly amount to every adult citizen. $1000 or more. No strings attached.

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