To: Provincial services U.N Peace Office

U.S Special Forces as UNODOC

Through contributions to pesce keeping U.S Special Forces can be repurposed as an elite UNODOC force which would ensure not put to use as as corporate tool as werecfor decades. A future UNODOC program achieved through government grants might avoid the notorious schools of America's program. The same could apply to an effort to coordinate a UNODOC program through ministry of defence ministries in all nations in addition regular service members or recruits who wish to join through a recruiting station. Offered as a option on army web sites.

Why is this important?

U.S Special Forces repurposed as UNODOC or as part of Elite War Crimes Investigation Units avoid committing war crimes of their own when corporations use them as tools as in El Salvadojr jn 1980s.
The British SAS also are of use for UNODOC. A training program for new recruits in SAS as well as Canadian JT2 would be of use. While the petition title did state U.S is international in nature.