To: Government of Ontario

Type 2 diabetes is a real disease

Type 2 diabetes is a real disease, but the Government of Ontario seems to think only Type 1 sufferers deserve funding. Type 2 diabetes can lead to the same life-threatening conditions as Type 1, often requires insulin to manage like Type 1 and often needs the same tools to manage the insulin as Type 1. But the Goverment of Ontario does not provide any funding to patients of Type 2 diabetes for Insulin pumps, their supplies or appliances to monitor blood glucose. These life altering and life improving products can make managing Type 2 diabetes for severely affected individuals tolerable. But, the out of pocket expense can be crushing. At $5000 ever 4 years for a pump, $300 per month for the pumps supplies, $300 per month for continuous glucose monitoring devices and upwards of $400 per month for insulin, these, often, life saving products are unavailable to most.

Please treat Type 2 diabetes as the serious and life-threatening disease it is and add it to the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP).

Why is this important?

Type 2 diabetics' lives are placed at risk without access to needed tools, supplies and insulin every day because it is not covered by OHIP.