To: Bob Paulson, Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Tell the RCMP: Don’t violently intervene in peaceful First Nations protests

We call on the RCMP to commit that they will not use violence and excessive force against peaceful First Nations protests.

Why is this important?

Today, large numbers of heavily armed RCMP officers used pepper spray, tear gas, dogs and rubber bullets on a peaceful Mi’kmaq blockade in New Brunswick. [1][2]

The blockade was set up to protest an unpopular shale gas fracking plan that threatens the region’s water supply.[3]

The RCMP’s intervention tipped the protest into chaos with dozens arrested and several RCMP vehicles burnt.

Elsipogtog Chief Arren Sock was in talks with New Brunswick Premier David Alward to find a resolution before the RCMP intervened this morning.

People across Canada are losing faith in our democratic process, and deeply concerned about the way our governments are refusing to negotiate in good faith and on a nation-to-nation basis with First Nations.

At this crucial moment in our country’s history, violent RCMP interventions in peaceful First Nations protests could set us back by decades.

Please sign this petition calling on RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson to commit that the RCMP will not use violence and excessive force against peaceful First Nations protests.

P.S. Solidarity actions are taking place in 45 communities across Canada - see here for details: or


[1] APTN report

[2] RCMP clash with Mi’kmaq fracking protestors: Who provoked whom?

[3] Elsipogtog First Nation announces major land reclamation in ongoing anti-fracking struggle

[4] Photo credit: Ossie Michelin, APTN


Reasons for signing

  • The First People of the USA have always been badly treated since the first Europeans arrived. It is long past time for change
  • I signed because I think it is important for the RCMP to not violently intervene in peaceful first nation protests!
  • We must protect our country from the gov't that is trying to ruin it!!


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Solidarity actions are taking place across Canada - see here for details and links to Facebook events: