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To: PC Leader Doug Ford

Tell Doug Ford: Time to clean up your party!

Tell Doug Ford: Time to clean up your party!

Force all candidates alleged to be involved in questionable activity, from bribery to data theft, to step aside immediately. The actions they're accused of erode people's trust in the PC party, this election, and democracy.

Why is this important?

Yesterday news broke that PC candidate for Brampton East is under police investigation for allegedly stealing the personal data of over 60,000 people — and even using it to help his campaign. The candidate resigned immediately,[1] stepping aside until he clears his name.[2]

Great first step, but there are still a few issues that remain. Reporters have sources that claim at least 29 other PC candidates may have used the stolen information to further their own electoral success. [3,4]

The scandals don't stop there either: Another PC candidate has been caught on tape, allegedly bribing a potential opponent to drop out of the race. [5] If proven true, these actions don’t just subvert democracy and erode trust in elections – they may also be breaking the law.

Allegations of bribery, corruption, and data theft. These are dirty tricks, that the PCs don't want to associate themselves with at the polls. Doug Ford claims the Liberals are "corrupt," and says he wants to clean up government. However, he won't even take steps to ensure his own party is clean.

The election is just 20 days away, and Ford is glossing over what may be a huge issue with candidates in his party. He's not acting in the best interest of the Province or the PC Party itself. We need answers and action immediately. A massive petition will keep this story alive.

Tell Doug Ford to put his money where his mouth is. Force every single candidate alleged to be involved in questionable activity, to step aside until they have been cleared.

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[1] Data theft of 60,000 customers could be linked to PC party recruitment,
[5] Exclusive: Milton PC Candidate Parm Gill Accused of Bribing Fellow Nominee,

Reasons for signing

  • Transparency No Thugs in office
  • It's taken 20 years and a Generation to recover from the Conservatives common sense revolution which decimated education and health care in the province. We cabtvket it happen again
  • We don't want a northern Trump state.


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