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To: Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia

Tell Christy Clark: Fire the Minister of Children and Family Development

Dear Premier Clark,

Since receiving the file on September 5, 2012, Minister Stephanie Cadieux of Children and Family Development has remained in her position despite: 250+ children being victims of sexual abuse while in foster care, 2 toddlers being regularly molested by their father during unsupervised visits that ministry staff allowed, several youth under Ministry care committing suicide. The most recent revelation of the tragic life and death of Metis teen, Alex Gervais, had the fault laid squarely at the feet of your government, and at Minister Cadieux's feet in particular.

In response, you stated that there would be "big changes" to BC's child welfare system. It is our opinion, if you and your government are committed to child welfare and ensuring that the Ministry of Children and Family Development gets the leadership it needs, you will immediately terminate Stephanie Cadieux from her position in Cabinet!

After having overseen so much abuse and death during her mandate, Ms. Cadieux has forfeited her department's mission and cannot be trusted to protect the well-being of British Columbia's most vulnerable.

Why is this important?

Stephanie Cadieux is the Minister of Children and Family Development in British Columbia, the longest serving Minister in the Cabinet of Premier Christy Clark. She oversees a file that is extremely important to the province, as it governs ensuring the well-being of BC children, responding to signs of abuse, and helping families in crisis. On every level, Minister Cadieux has failed her mandate - many times over, in fact.

You need only Google "Stephanie Cadieux" and "abuse" and you will find page after page of horrific cases where the Minister has been accused of failing to protect children from both physical and sexual abuse, both by foster families and by parents. If you Google "Stephanie Cadieux" and "suicide" you will find equally tragic stories of how the Minister and her department failed to prevent the suicide of children in crisis, while under Ministry care. A recent report by BC's Youth Advocate stated that as Minister, Cadieux has failed to prevent the physical and sexual abuse of more than 250 children!

These aren't isolated cases, as new ones have continued to arise during Cadieux's four-year tenure. And yet Premier Christy Clark has refused time and again calls for her to relieve Cadieux of her position!

Children, especially vulnerable children in terrible conditions, deserve a Minister that will protect them! Enough is enough! Stephanie Cadieux has to go!



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