To: Jagmeet Singh

Surely We Can Build a Better Economy?

Our economy has given 20% of the people 73.5% of Canada's wealth. In 2020 and 2021 most Canadians incomes shrunk but billionaires wealth grew by more than 50%. Our healthcare is collapsing. Millions of Canadians cannot afford housing ownership or rents. Of course we need to help people whose backs are against the wall but begging the richest 10% to please pay taxes is not working. Lets begin building an economy that meets human need. Lets do something.

Why is this important?

People can join existing co-operatives and social enterprises. They can take their money out banks who are funding the oil industry and put it in Credit Unions. They can lobby any politician they can trust. They can be part of the solution, part of the building a better economy. They can demand community health centres where they have a say. They can support family and local business and seldom use Amazon or Walmart.