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To: Chrystia Freeland Deputy PM and Finance Minister

Support Victims of Sexual Violence in Ukraine

"I do want to take a moment to underscore that one of the things that is happening is the systematic rape of Ukrainian women and children”
"Rape is being used as a weapon in this war and I want the women of Ukraine to know that we see them, we are not going to forget and we will work with Ukraine and with our democratic allies around the world to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

These were your words in Calgary Minister Freeland.

The British government has decided to allocate 10 million pounds to Ukrainian organizations that provide support to victims of sexual violence during the war. Let’s follow their lead.

Let’s show the women and children of Ukraine that we do indeed see them and that we are here to support them in their hour of need, by allocating 10 million dollars to Ukrainian organizations that provide support to victims of sexual violence.

Please put our money where your mouth is. It’s the least we can do.

Why is this important?

History shows that most systematic sexual violence in war goes unpunished. It’s the women and children who must suffer this violence, without justice or support in the after math of war. If we allocate money to support these victims it will show that Canadians abhor these atrocities and won’t stand silent while yet more women and children become rape victims as part of political war games.



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