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To: Toronto Raptors

We Support a Toronto Raptors Boycott of Game 1

We want you to know: we're with you in your efforts to win racial justice, and we support a boycott.

Why is this important?

News reports are showing that the Toronto Raptors are considering boycotting the first game of their series against the Boston Celtics.

This discussion comes as a result of the attempted murder of yet another innocent Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the latest in a seeming unending string of such murders and attempted murders by unaccountable police officers.

The pain of seeing such public murders inflicted over and over again must be immense. And it comes with the additional burden of knowing that each time, nothing changes.

The Toronto Raptors are more than our basketball team. They are the spirit of Toronto, and they represent our compassionate, progressive nation to the world. And we as fans are part of the team.

We want them to know that if they decide to boycott Game 1 in order to shine a spotlight on this injustice and say "no more" to the ongoing police violence, we the fans have their backs and will rise to support them.



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