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To: Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clarke

Stop the Demolition of Rent-controlled Building at 55 Brownlow Avenue

Hundreds of people, including young families, seniors, and low income individuals will be displaced if the demolition application at 55 Brownlow Avenue in Toronto is approved.

👉 Please deny the application and let tenants keep their homes. 👈

Politicians often tout affordable housing as the reason for rampant development, and yet in this case, Menkes Development wants to demolish and redevelop the rent-controlled apartment building at 55 Brownlow Avenue and REPLACE IT with 3 condominium towers that have no affordable units. Learn more here 💬 💬

This development is highly distressing for the tenants at 55 Brownlow Avenue who call it home. This projects implementation will incur a significant, irreversible community cost, and may even contribute to the homelessness crisis our city is currently experiencing.

In 2013, 5,000 people were estimated to be experiencing homelessness on any given night. In 2021, that number has risen to over 18,000 people. It is irresponsible to displace the tenants at 55 Brownlow Avenue, as many of them are fixed or low income and have nowhere else to go.

QuadReal and Menkes Development purchased the property at 55 Brownlow Avenue in May 2022 for $56.18 million. QuadReal manages a $67.1-billion global real estate portfolio and Menkes is one of the largest private developers in Canada. 🚨 This development is just another money making opportunity for QuadReal and Menkes, for tenants at 55 Brownlow, it means uprooting their entire lives (which many of them can't afford to do). 🚨

Deny the application for the demolition and redevelopment of 55 Brownlow Avenue in Toronto and let tenants keep their homes.

Why is this important?

Your support will allow hundreds of families, low income individuals, and elderly people to remain housed in the middle of an affordability crisis in Toronto.

One older resident explained: "I do not currently have the monthly income to pay the average rent of $2500 for a 1 bedroom. I am nearing retirement and will have even less income when that happens. There is no where to go in the city that is affordable."

Help the tenants at 55 Brownlow keep the rent-controlled, affordable units that they currently call home by signing our petition.




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Join us on April 1st for a protest against needless demovictions in Ontario:

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"Longtime midtown Toronto tenants fear proposed condos will price them out of their neighbourhood" - Thank you Michael Smee for covering our story!

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