To: Ontario MPPs

Stop the Changes to the CCEYA

We call upon the Members of Ontario's Provincial Parliament to vote against the proposed regulatory amendments under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA).

Why is this important?

The proposed policy changes negatively affect the quality of care.

The proposed changes to age groups are particularly concerning.

Current Preschool age groups include children 30 months-6 years old. Under the proposed changes, Preschool age groups would include children aged 24 months - 5years old.

Current Kindergarten age groups include children 44-68 months old. Under the proposed changes, Kindergarten age groups would shift to children aged 44 months - 7 years old.

Mixing children of these young ages (24 months) with those who are older is not developmentally appropriate.

When children are grouped by their developmental proximity, educators can better meet the needs of all children in the room. It is difficult to plan programing for and to equally support groups of children that are so different developmentally.

Under the proposed changes, the staffing ratios for each age group appear to remain constant. The staffing ratio for each named age group remains constant, but the age of the children included in these groups has changed.

24 month old children were previously in maximum groupings of 15 children, with a 1:5 staff to child ratio. Under the changes, 24 month old children are now consider preschoolers, and would be in maximum groupings of 24 children, with 1:6 staff to child support.

These changes put children safety at risk. There is less supervision of younger, more vulnerable groups, putting children's well-being at risk.