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To: Premier Doug Ford

Stop The Ableism: Keep Mask Requirements In Medical Facilities And On Transit

Doug Ford: listen to your science table, the Ontario Hospital Association, medical experts, and the people of Ontario and extend mask protections in high-risk settings such as transit, medical facilities, and hospitals.

Why is this important?

This Saturday, Ontario's universal masking requirements for hospitals, healthcare providers, and transit operators will end.

This decision immediately makes these high-priority, high-risk environments less safe for everyone, and inaccessible to immune compromised and pregnant people who risk death, permanent disability, and miscarriage if exposed to COVID.

COVID remains extremely dangerous to many, despite vaccination. It is now estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people who suffer a COVID infection will experience Long COVID, nerve damage, heart damage, or other permanent disabilities. And COVID exposure in the womb can cause miscarriage or neurological disorders in children.

Universal masking has been demonstrated to greatly reduce the risk of COVID exposure. It is essential that we keep these high-risk, must-access settings accessible and as safe as possible, especially for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Ontario's science advisory table chair and the Ontario Hospital Association are all recommending that the mask requirements be extended for these high-risk locations. But Doug Ford thinks it will be unpopular.

Let's show him he's wrong. A massive petition demanding this simple and effective protection for medical facilities and transit operators will demonstrate that Ontario still cares about pregnant moms-to-be, disabled people, the immune compromised, and all who wish to keep themselves and their families safer.

Please add your name and share widely.



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