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To: Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Health Christine Elliott,

Stop Symptomatic COVID Testing at Ontario Pharmacies!

Dear Premier Ford and Minister of Health Christine Elliott,

Symptomatic COVID-19 testing should be free and readily accessible to all Ontarians - but it DOES NOT belong in drug stores!

This idea is poorly conceived, dangerous and not evidence-based. COVID-19 is an AIRBORNE virus and people with COVID are legally required to isolate from others, even in their own home, for a 10-day period to PREVENT THE SPREAD to others.

Symptomatic testing centres must be designed to prevent exposure at all times - from the moment people arrive to when they leave. Symptomatic testing requires proper masking of clients, ideally outdoor line-up spaces with social distancing, separate entrances/exits from other activities/spaces/people, completely separate testing spaces with adequate, filtered, separate ventilation systems with dedicated and trained testing personnel wearing specialized PPE. Local health departments have generally done very well with this task.

These requirements are completely incompatible with existing retail pharmacies at every level.

I strongly urge the government and pharmacies, to stop this plan before pharmacies become the new super spreader locations for COVID.

Why is this important?

Our local drug store is a key part of our daily lives - a place we trust and feel safe. Let's keep it that way!

It's a place where your Mom and Dad or grandparents get their medications safely, where you shop for a card or cosmetics.

It is NOT the place where anyone should be exposed to active cases of COVID-19. This is best accomplished in Health Unit organized stand-alone locations.


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