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To: Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair and Commissioner of the Correctional Services of Canada.

Stop sentencing Youth to Life in Prison, and criminalizing their poor Mental Health.

Stop jailing Youth in draconian cages; give them the help that science supports -reasonable opportunities to heal, so they can effectively reintegrate into society and not suffer and perish one of many deaths of despair caused by destructively antiquated Criminal Justice System practices.

Why is this important?

Our prisons are filled with traumatized, neglected, and abused persons. Many are youth trapped by, and in, the socially disconnecting correctional construct that engages in traumatic, anti-social practices that reinforce dysfunctional behaviours, cause more damage to prisoners, especially developing Youth, thus increasing their risks of substance use, violence, and crime. State Violence begets violence. This is why prison populations have gradually increased, despite a decades long decrease in criminal offending. Prison's are self-fulfilling prophecies of human suffering and misery, that perpetuate social discord for all residents, in all of our communities.




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