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To: One Little Goat Theatre Company and Theatre Passe Muraille

Stop sensationalizing violence against women

In March 2017 a local Toronto theatre company is opening the play "Smyth/Williams" a staged reading of a murder's confession tapes, including statements made by our friends and loved ones/his victims. This is salacious and clearly a means to bring attention to an unknown theatre company trying to get press and sell tickets. While simultaneously, without consent, forcing families and friends to relive the horror of their loss publicly yet again.

We ask that these theatre companies (the producing agency and the one hosting the play) reconsider moving forward with the Smyth/Williams production. In response to their comments that they are protecting the right of free speech and artist expression, we ask them to consider that these rights do not outweigh the rights of family members and friends. Individuals who are being re-traumatized by the very idea that people are selling tickets to a direct verbatim re-telling of our friend's tragic death. It is disgusting and inhumane.

We ask that they consider that their intentions were misguided and have caused a great deal of hurt. And that they now have a choice to do better by the families and friends who have lost loved ones and by all women who deserve more.

Why is this important?

- The very existence of this play is re-traumatizing the friends, families, and communities who were affected by this tragedy.

- In response to the theatre company's comments that they respect our choice not to see the play – it is being publicized via various news and social media outlets, where many have been exposed to without their choosing – further traumatizing

- CONSENT. The women we lost here did not consent to this. Nor did their families.

- The company is arguing the play is intended to create awareness of the issue of violence against women. Yet, written by a male. Men telling stories of male violence does not help women. This is an amplification and exploitation of violent acts.



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