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To: Premier Doug Ford

Stop Ford's health care sell-off

Stop Ford's health care sell-off

Premier Ford: Stop privatizing our healthcare systems — invest in public health care instead.

Why is this important?

Ontario now has the lowest health care and hospital funding, and the fewest hospital beds and nurses in the country. [1] But instead of investing in nurses or funding and resourcing ICUs, Ford is handing over our public health care system to for-profit companies on the sly — privatizing hospitals, clinics or long-term care homes.[2,3]

Research shows private health care means poorer care, higher rates of death and longer wait times. [4] It means profit over lives.

The push to privatize is already having grave consequences. After years of attacks on public health care, the answer is not to hand more of it over to private corporations. In fact, that's what brought Ontario's health care system to the brink of collapse.

The fight for a strong, well-funded public health care system is the fight to save lives. It's a fundamental pillar of a democratic society that prioritizes people above profit. Will you sign now calling for the Ontario government to protect public health care?



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