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To: BC provincial government. Metro Vancouver and the municipalities of Metro Vancouver

Stand up Against Anti-Asian Racism

Dear government,

Please mount an ad campaign against the increase in anti-Asian racism linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Much in the way we have seen government messaging regarding Covid-19 popping up on bus stops, in parks, and across our municipalities, we need to see our government on a local and provincial level take a leadership position regarding the increase in hate crimes related to Covid-19. A visible anti-racism campaign would send a strong message to the targets of this racism and to the potential allies that hate in not okay. Such a campaign should not only encourage bystanders to speak out against racism at home and in the community, but also help people recognize the daily impact of racism on targeted communities.

Why is this important?

In mid-May, the VPD announced that they were investigating 29 Anti-Asian hate crimes since mid-March, an alarming spike. This does not even begin to touch on the increase in micro-aggressions experienced by targeted communities since Covid-19. According to Human Rights Watch, governments should take urgent steps to prevent racist and xenophobic violence and discrimination linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, people, more than ever, are turning to the government for leadership and information. We need our government to take a stand not just against Covid, but also against the rise in anti-Asian violence and discrimination.



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