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To: Conservative leader Candice Bergen, and party president Robert Batherson

The Conservative party must affirm their support for abortion rights

Breaking: The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, opening the door for dangerous abortion bans in states across the U.S. [1]

While this horror unfolds south of the border, many Canadians are sounding the alarm that the problem is not so far away. Although abortion is decriminalized in Canada, there are huge gaps in access to abortion care. A small minority want to make it even harder — or ban it altogether — and they’re mobilizing within the Conservative party. [2,3]

Why is this important?

Right now, candidates are duking it out for Conservative party leadership. They’ve been urged by the party to stay silent about whether or not they support abortion rights. [4] But the public deserves to know where our major political parties stand on an issue as important as reproductive health care. Lives depend on it. [5]

So with your help, we’re going to pressure them to take a stance. If thousands of us sign a petition to interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen, and party president Robert Batherson, while the Roe v. Wade scandal is in the spotlight, we could force them to publicly affirm the party’s support for access to abortion and reproductive services.

If you agree that the right to an abortion shouldn’t be political, because access to safe, legal abortion is access to vital health care — add your name now.




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