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To: Phil Verster (CEO of Metrolinx), John Tory (Mayor of Toronto) and John MacKenzie (CEO of TRCA)

Sign now: Help Toronto save its green spaces from destruction by Metrolinx

Sign now: Help Toronto save its green spaces from destruction by Metrolinx

We are asking for construction to begin only when each of the below requests has been resolved.

Ecological Requests:

1) Justification through documentation that the proposed Retaining Wall and Culvert in Smalls Creek & Williamson Ravine are the best technical, social and environmental solutions. What alternatives were considered and why were they rejected?

2) For construction that does occur: Conduct an Ecological Integrity Assessment (EIA) following Federal and Provincial Ecology Integrity Policies:

i) A complete pre-construction EIA of the entire area AND adjacent areas (across the 4 seasons) and publicly share the findings.

ii) The Ecological Integrity tree-planting plan & rewilding plan

iii) The Ecological Integrity long-term stewardship plans

3) A 75% reduction in the number of trees slated for removal in the Williamson Park Ravine.

Construction Requests:

1. Provision of a construction schedule that avoids 1-5am night work & mitigates neighborhood disruption, including the posting of an emergency 24-hour contact number at the construction site and limiting/enforcing no-idling on site.

2. Install a noise barrier prior to construction between Coxwell and Woodbine (including east and west sides of Williamson Ravine on the south side of the tracks) & share with the community a detailed plan for noise mitigation both during and after construction (eg. mufflers on all equipment, prohibition on use of loudspeakers).

Why is this important?

The plans for rail expansion in Toronto’s Lakeshore East corridor by Metrolinx will relieve congestion and improve public transportation, but can and should be done without the wholesale destruction of a community’s green spaces including the environmentally sensitive ecosystem of Smalls Creek Ravine and Williamson Park Ravine.

This is an opportunity for Metrolinx to create a model for sustainable city building by working with the affected communities in finding ways to protect and even revitalize these greenspaces as part of their construction work.

Metrolinx has plans to destroy an ecologically sensitive & socially significant ravine ecosystem—with nearly 300 trees slated for removal!

Clear cutting of the trees in the ravines will start in a matter of weeks, including some that are over 100 years old, to be replaced by a permanent concrete wall up to 10ft tall and over 400ft long, without any real public input or consideration for the effects of this devastation on the neighbouring community.

Help us send a message to Metrolinx that they cannot ignore the communities in which they operate.

UPDATE January 7, 2020 - Since the launch of this petition Metrolinx has publicly responded, saying they have indeed conducted and continue to conduct community consultation. This is true. But it changes nothing about the content of this petition. To date, Metrolinx has only publicly released the same documents had to first obtain through a Freedom of Information request. Their Dec 24th blog post reiterated much of what they have said already, and while mentioned it is interested in further community consultation, takes the tone that this project - still slated to begin as early as the end of January 2021 - is a done deal. will continue our community outreach until Metrolinx recognizes the petition's requests and engages in a meaningful dialogue that takes our positions into active consideration. We want more trains & two way service. We want a 4th track, but ask our provincial transportation stakeholders to install the transit, without sacrificing an important community ecosystem. Learn More at



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