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To: Prime Minister Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh

Sign Now: Dental care must be universal

The Liberals and the NDP have promised to deliver dental care by the end of the year for low-income communities as one of the conditions of their Supply and Confidence Agreement (SACA). [1]

Advocates and medical experts agree that preventative and universal healthcare is a more effective system and is better for everyone. [2] By ensuring everyone can get the dental care they need before it leads to worse health problems, our entire health care system would be stronger.

Why is this important?

While we welcome the news of free dental care for low-income communities, we wish the Liberals and NDP had more ambition — to make dental care universal and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Imagine you've had tooth pain for months now but you don't have private insurance or thousands of dollars to spare for treatment. The same bacteria that causes the toothache can travel through your body and lead to serious health conditions — like heart attacks. [3,4]

If you agree everyone deserves to have access to good quality dental care regardless of how much they make, add your name to the petition now.

[3] see [2]



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