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  • Loblaws: Pay your workers a living wage
    Pay employees at all of your stores across Canada a living wage.
    14,952 of 15,000 Signatures
    Created by Erin Kastner
  • Instagram stop deleting sex positive accounts
    Instagram needs to stop banning accounts focused on sex positivity, and to stop making people unfollow these accounts without their consent or knowledge
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    Created by Brooke Martin
  • Raise ODSP OW Shelter and Basic Needs Allowances Now
    We call on Premier Ford to double Ontario Disability Support (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW) rates to bring them in line with the CERB, because if laid-off workers need $2000 a month to get by — so do people who receive ODSP and OW. Ford’s government is reviewing ODSP and OW right now. We’re going to deliver this petition to them on Monday — but with so many issues on the table during COVID-19, we need to make it massive to catch their attention. Will you add your name now?
    38,598 of 40,000 Signatures
    Created by Isabella Gamk Picture
  • Premier Ford: Protect renters, put a stop to Bill 184
    Remove the provisions from Bill 184 that make it harder (or even impossible) for tenants to defend themselves in eviction hearings, allow landlords to increase rent with reduced notice, and immediately evict renters who miss even a single rental payment plan installment.
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    Created by Timothy Ellis Picture
  • Pesticide Free Powell River
    Stop the use of (systemic) pesticides, as well as manual removal means, to destroy forest biodiversity! Our forests need deciduous trees and shrubs to provide water filtration, air quality, habitat and food for wildlife. Pesticide users tend to overlook the widespread ramifications of using these products on human and environmental health and only narrow in on their goal to produce and protect their timber interests. Ironically they are destroying the immune system of the very forests they are trying to grow for timber production! This is very short-sighted and it needs to stop. Now. We DO NOT CONSENT to any pesticide spraying in our region.
    1,008 of 2,000 Signatures
    Created by Lisa Marie Bhattcharya Picture
  • Stop cow moose and calf culling.
    Recently the provincial government approved cow moose and calf culling in BC. Over the years we, the residents in northern BC, have seen less and less of moose and therefore hunting for those who depend on wildlife has been down.
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    Created by Gina Patrick-Louis
  • Let's Rename Dundas Street in Toronto
    In the wake of two weeks of protests against police murder and racial injustice, Toronto City Council can take a constructive and symbolic step toward disavowing its historic associations with persons who have actively worked toward preserving systems of racial inequality and exploitation. As such, we ask that Toronto City Council begin a public process to rename Dundas Street in the city of Toronto to honour a more appropriate person, place or event. We also believe that this process should be transparent and undertaken in partnership particularly with Black-lead organisations and historical societies, Indigenous groups and other community representatives that accurately reflect the rich cultural diversity of the City of Toronto, in order to create a long list of potential candidates.
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    Created by Andrew Lochhead
  • Black History in BC schools curriculum
    I have created this petition as I would like to see African Descent History apart of the B.C curriculum in schools. I am an ally that wants to see a change in our schools. Black History is Canada's history. Many schools in B.C do not even acknowledge Black History Month. Last year I started researching this, and could not find anything on the celebration on Black History month on any B.C school district websites. After the Vancouver Star article came out the Vancouver School board added a message about Black History. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month. Last year the province of British Columbia officially recognized February as Black History Month. So why is there no recognition in our schools? In Ontario, it is apart of the curriculum and Ontario does acknowledge Black History Month in schools. British Columbia Teachers' Federation has resources listed only. Which means it is up to the teachers' discretion to talk about it. Media articles about this and why I started the petition last year: Vancouver Star article: CBC Radio Recent articles: Markiel Simpson's interview here: Yasin Kiraga Misago interview here:
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    Created by Karina Reid
  • Rezone Richmond_Lansdowne to fully Rental
    Dear City Council, Thousands in Richmond are suffering because of Richmond’s housing market, a market ignores their needs in order to pander to real estate speculators and developers. It is time to act and rezone Lansdowne to be 100% rental so that we can reduce rents, cut worker commute times, and give everyone a home. Cities like Vancouver and Winnipeg are making large efforts to make building more compact housing easier and Richmond can as well. However, we’ve recently lagged behind our peers in this regard. The result? Ridiculous rents, high commute times, and often times, outright homelessness. Rezoning Lansdowne will make living more affordable. It will allow workers to walk or bike to their works, cutting commute times and carbon emissions. It will mean we have the resources to provide permanent solutions to Richmond’s homeless populations. We call on Richmond City Council to Rezone Lansdowne. We call on the council to invest in a greener, more affordable future. Thank you.
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    Created by Jiangyi He
  • Rename Summer Civic Holiday After Terry Fox across Canada
    Each province/territory has a civic holiday. Many named after historic leaders. In these changing times, and with people questioning the role of past leaders, it is time to move forward and rename the civic holiday the same name from sea to sea to sea -- after someone who had a dream and continues to inspire. Someone we should all be proud of and want to learn about. We are still on Terry's Marathon of Hope -- something we all need now.
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    Created by George James
  • Provide a liveable income for all Canadians with Disabilities
    Dear Prime Minister and Canadian MPs, We are calling on the federal government to provide a permanent monthly top-up to Canadians with disabilities currently living below the poverty line. We are requesting that the federal government meet the standards lined out in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, most notably under: Article 28: Adequate standard of living and social protection. Per the report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities on her visit in April 2019, Canada was not meeting its obligations to the UN in terms of adequate treatment of disabled citizens. -This financial assistance must be given to all Canadians with disabilities regardless of whether sources of income are federal, provincial/territorial or work-related. -It must not interfere with any medical/dental or other benefits currently in place. -These funds must also not be subject to clawback or garnishing through provincial/territorial or federal programs already in place.
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    Created by The Voices of Disability in Canada Picture
  • Need for significant Toronto Police reform
    There is clear evidence and research that we must organize public safety very differently, especially for our Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities.To do this we need a strong catalyst to ensure this happens in a timely manner. The reduction of the police budget and reallocation to a range of community services led by mental health and other community leaders can be this catalyst. Any attempts to reform within the police budget and led by the police, as evidenced by the last five years in Toronto, will not produce tangible, timely and necessary results. Mayors in New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis have committed to this. As reported in the Globe and Mail June 18 the Mayor states "there is unprecedented consensus on confronting anti-Black racism". However he and the Board Chair are proposing changes within the current budget and under the purview of the Toronto Police. We are asking the Mayor and Board Chair to approve Councillor Matlow's motion to reduce the budget by 10%, restructure the police and hand over a number of the current duties to the appropriate community services and leaders. This is a small amount in a $1.22 billion budget. Many organizations are facing the challenge of managing reduced budgets/revenues of greater amounts with the current COVID virus. Surely the Toronto Police can do the same.
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    Created by kathleen christie