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To: Christine Elliott, Health Minister

Save the Grace

Save the Grace

The Heath Minister needs to step in to stop the plans to cut services for children and mothers in North Scarborough. Scarborough residents shouldn't get second class care. Send the Minister an email, here, and help persuade her to step in and stop plans for cuts to the Grace.

Why is this important?

The plans now underway to cut services at the Grace, threaten patient safety. Serious illnesses need urgent care. The Grace is the only hospital in Scarborough north of the 401. Taking away key services will force vulnerable people to travel long distances to get care, in some cases seriously threatening their lives. Over 200 Doctors have petitioned the hospital because they know these changes are unsafe. Surgeons have said they will not operate if these changes are made. These changes will eventually lead to the shut down of the emergency room, and then the whole hospital. We need the province to step in and end this risky plan.

How it will be delivered

Emails written to the Minister will be forwarded to her, automatically.

If you can take a moment to make changes to the email, to reflect your personal take on the issue, that would be great. Emails with that added personal touch get extra attention from the Minister.


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