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To: Doug Ford

Reverse the cruel cuts that will make kids go hungry

Reverse the cruel cuts that will make kids go hungry

Reverse the $1 billion in health funding cuts that risk breakfast programs in schools and could mean low income kids go hungry.

Why is this important?

Doug Ford just announced plans to cut $1 billion from public healthcare -- cuts that risk devastating child nutrition programs and increasing child hunger.

If the cuts go through, 600 school breakfast programs will be on the chopping block -- which means that thousands of low income children who rely on these programs for food will go hungry.

Recent studies have found that these breakfast programs really help kids:

- 82% of students surveyed said the program kept them from feeling hungry
- 74% said it improved their well being
- Many kids saw improved grade averages

Canada ranks one of the worst countries for ending hunger. Instead of increasing funding for more programs to combat child hunger, Ford’s government is slashing away at them with deep, drastic cuts that could devastate progress and put kids at risk.

But we still have time to stop this. And if enough people sign the petition -- we could. If you think every kid deserves a nutritious breakfast, and that it’s just plain cruel to cut funding that goes towards curbing child hunger sign now and tell Ford: reverse the cuts.


Reasons for signing

  • All children deserve to start school with a full belly. Hungry children don't learn.


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