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To: City of London

Rename Dundas Street in London, Ontario

Rename Dundas Street in London, Ontario

In the wake of the recent protests against police brutality and racial injustice, the City of London can take a constructive and symbolic approach toward disavowing its historic associations with individuals who have worked toward preserving and supporting systems of racial inequality and exploitation.

We ask that the City of London begin a public process to rename Dundas Street in the city of London to honor a more appropriate person, place or event.

We also believe that this process should be transparent and undertaken in partnership particularly with Black-lead organizations and historical societies in order to create a long list of potential candidates.

Why is this important?

The legacy of Henry Dundas, First Viscount Melville is highly problematic. As the MP for Midlothian in Westminster and as Secretary of State he actively participated in obstructing the abolition of slavery in the British Empire from 1791 to the end of his political career in 1806. Slavery was eventually abolished in 1833 and officially in British North America in 1834. But Dundas' actions to preserve the profiteering of his friends in the slave trade, cost tens of thousands of lives, if not more.

Also, he was the last British MP to be impeached - for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds - though not convicted.

If we truly wish for our public street names and monuments to reflect our values and priorities we must consider engaging the public in the process of excising those names which are no longer worthy of our honor or respect. Names such as that of Henry Dundas.

It's extremely important this street name changes.

London, ON, Canada

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