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To: Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Open letter: Ontario is united in solidarity with migrants — we reject Ford's divisive politics

We were deeply disappointed to see you stand in front of reporters and spread harmful, well-worn stereotypes about migrants.

As Ontarians, we are all united in our desire to provide a decent living for our families, no matter our backgrounds or what we look like. We pride ourselves on welcoming people who move to our province, regardless of where they come from.

Divisive politics have no place here. We are united in solidarity with our migrant neighbours.

Why is this important?

This week, Premier Doug Ford stood up in front of journalists, and spread harmful, well-worn stereotypes about migrants. [1][2]

We need to show Ford that Ontarians are united with the migrant members of our community. If thousands of us sign the open letter in solidarity with migrants, it could nip the Premier’s harmful election strategy in the bud and send a clear message: Ontarians won’t let Ford divide us.

Sign now.





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