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To: Toronto Raptors

Reject Trump's White House Invitation

Reject Trump's White House Invitation

Refuse to meet with Trump at the White House for your traditional celebratory photo-op.

Why is this important?

The Raptors took the world by storm last night. Against all odds and every doubt, your team of underestimated players turned breakout stars defeated the Golden State Warriors.

Canadians cheered you on every step of the way - and it is a journey that has united a broad spectrum of diverse communities in a deafening, excited, unapologetic roar of pride.

But now your team faces the traditional invitation to a meet and greet that the winning team always has with the President of the United States in the White House. The only problem is that the current president is Donald Trump - and he represents everything that the Raptors aren’t: divisive, alienating, and selfish.

If the Raptors refuse to meet for a splashy photo-op with Trump, you will send a clear message to the world that your team, and Canadians at large, do not condone President Trump’s blatant disregard for the well-being of Americans.

Dear Raptors, please don't visit Trump.

We The North

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President Trump has enacted laws to separate children from parents and placed them in cages [1]. He has called Neo-Nazis “very fine people” [2] and placed a travel ban on Muslims [3], all while tweeting a steady stream of offhand racist remarks [4].

On the other hand - your captain Kyle Lowry called Trump’s travel ban on Muslims “bullshit” [5], your team President Masai Ujiri paid a visit to a First Nations community to encourage youth to be proud of their identity [6], and your whole team represents (and has unified) the most diverse city in the world.

The Raptors represent equality and diversity, and a visit with Trump threatens to tarnish those beliefs.

If the Raptors refuse to attend the White House, you can vilify Trump’s actions and stand in unity with the broad coalition of Torontonians and Canadians who are cheering you on.



Reasons for signing

  • this is canada's moment of glory and we needn't sully it by mingling with neo-nazis and their cheerleaders.
  • Coz We shouldn’t be accepting any invitation from anyone who we don’t align with?
  • Not much we can do from north of the border. But at least we can do nothing.


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