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To: Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming

Put another ferry on Route 5

People traveling between Swartz Bay and the Southern Gulf Islands (Pender, Mayne, Galiano, Saturna), are now required to arrive at terminals at least one hour in advance to make sure they get on the ferry. Many are being left behind because the boats are too small for the current volume of traffic, which is up 15% from pre-pandemic levels. Residents, businesses, and visitors are all affected. We are asking BC Ferries to immediately add one or two sailings to this route (Route 5). Another Salish class vessel is coming next year, but we need a solution NOW for medical appointments, commuters, local businesses, etc. Ferry staff are working so hard to accommodate everyone, but they wouldn’t have to go to such lengths if there was an appropriate capacity on the boats. Please put on more boats this summer, in the morning and afternoon between Swartz Bay and the Islands.

Why is this important?

BC Ferries is failing in its goal of providing safe and efficient transportation on Route 5. Waiting in a hot parking lot for over an hour with pets, kids, or seniors is neither safe nor efficient. The Ministry of Transportation needs to do more to address this issue on behalf of the citizens on the Southern Gulf Islands.


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