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Adopt a mask mandate and the Covid Alert Mobile in BC

We petition the BC Government to adopt a mask mandate require their use in all indoor public spaces including schools. Additionally, implement the federal COVID phone app in use in most provinces instead of incurring the cost of hiring more contract tracers.

Why is this important?

Research proves masks significantly reduce infections and save lives. All the other provinces and most countries require their use.
There is no excuse for BC not doing the same.

COVID infections are increasing exponentially in BC. As of Nov 3rd there are over 3000 active cases and more than another 6000 people who have been exposed but not counted in that number. More deaths are likely to follow in the 28 BC long term care facilities which have outbreaks. Meanwhile school children are packed into schools and that bars and restaurants remain open. At the same time people are ordered to keep family members and friends out of their homes.

Our provincial government is failing to adopt measures to protect the health of seniors, vulnerable citizens, teachers, medical and other front line workers. This does nothing for the well-being of people who hear the message they are expendable.



2020-11-04 20:04:04 -0500

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