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To: MLAs, Minister of Health (Adrian Dix)

Protect workers and residents in publicly-funded Retirement Concepts seniors' care facilities

We call on the Government of British Columbia to implement the Hospital Employees’ Union three-point action plan to protect the continuity and quality of care and work in Retirement Concepts facilities by:

• Closely monitoring Retirement Concepts finances and operations in B.C;
• Initiating a moratorium on contracting out in the residential care sector;
• Investing in seniors’ care as public assets by purchasing Retirement Concepts facilities.

Why is this important?

Despite significant public concern, last year, the federal and provincial Liberal governments approved the sale of Retirement Concepts – the largest private provider of residential-care and assisted-living services in B.C. – to Chinese investment firm Anbang Insurance.

Alarmingly, on February 23, 2018, a Chinese government regulator took control of Anbang’s assets (including Retirement Concepts' facilities) due to fraud and embezzlement. There is substantial concern that, in order to deal with the debt, Retirement Concepts’ facilities will face operational cuts, layoffs and contracting out, and the sale of facility assets. This has created an environment of fear and uncertainty for frontline care and support workers, the seniors they care for, and their families.



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