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To: Gary Sims, CEO, Grey Bruce Regional Health Center

Protect Public Health Care

Premier Ford is trying to increase for profit private health care. This will rob staff from the public system that as you know is already in a staffing crisis. Affordability is always an issue in for profit systems and this is a slippery slope to the loss of universal health care. Will you as CEO of the Grey Bruce Regional Health Center send a strong message to Premier Ford that you do not endorse any further privitization of our health care?

Why is this important?

Hospital CEOs hold a significant amount of sway with the government — and for the most part they don't hear from the public. Right now, most hospital CEOs haven't rejected Ford's privatization plans. In fact, a couple of them have actually spoken out in support of it. But they haven't heard from the community their hospital serves.
Owen Sound, ON, Canada

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