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To: Premier Doug Ford

Protect Ontario Renters

A bombshell report was recently dropped in Ontario. It found that the majority of Ontario renters are having to choose between food and rent. [1]

It's no secret that people are struggling right now — the cost of living is skyrocketing at an alarming rate. And though rental costs have been on the rise for years, the crushing prices are just getting worse. [2]

Why is this important?

People deserve a place to call home — without having to worry about if they can afford it, or if they will need to forgo groceries to make rent. For that, we need politicians who care.

Ford has proven he doesn't care about renters — he's scrapped rent control, made it easier to evict residents and has consistently tilted the scales in favour of wealthy landlords. [3,4]

Ford just made it through an election where the majority of Ontarians didn’t vote for him — his party is aware of this, and is listening to the public voice right now. With a flood of public pressure, we can demonstrate that Ontarians aren't going to accept Ford's lack of action.

Experts at the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario recommend reinstating rent controls that Ford took away, scrapping vacancy decontrols, and creating an effective eviction prevention strategy. [5]

Add your name now to call on Ford to protect renters in Ontario with these common-sense protections.


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