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To: Minister of Health Jason Copping

Protect Alberta's Public Health Care System

Protect Alberta's Public Health Care System

Alberta's health care is in crisis. People are experiencing outrageous wait times, critical surgeries are being postponed, some cities have no available ambulances and there is a drastic shortage of family doctors and nurses. [1-3]

The fight for a strong, well-funded public health care system is the fight to save lives. It's a fundamental pillar of a democratic society that prioritizes people above profit.

Why is this important?

The UCP government has been chipping away at our public health care system for years — moving it towards a privatized system. They’ve worked tirelessly to destroy the negotiating power of the Alberta Medical Association and ripped up their contract mid-pandemic. And throughout the last two years, they’ve attacked nurses' rights and laid off thousands of support staff. [4-6]

It’s brought Alberta's health care system to the brink of collapse.

Sign now calling for the Alberta government to protect public health care.

[6] see 4


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