To: MPs

Police accountability

Dear Sir or Madam

The Esquimalt United Church Justice Team is a committed group of congregation members with a deep concern for social justice. As we listen to the news, we have become very worried about the actions of some police forces. How is it possible for the police to refuse to respond to inquiries into police actions. Particularly when it involves the death of people in police custody. Not to mention the obvious racist attitudes. There must be more accountability. Body cameras should be an absolute must, with no excuse for them not working. Police must follow the law and protect even people who are arrested. When a first nation teenager gets kicked in the head by a policeman and suffers substantial injury which results in the removal of part of his skull and replaced by a metal plate that created massive brain damage which will affect him for life, what happens to the policeman. He was rewarded with a paid holiday, no charges and no consequences! That policeman should have been charged with assault. What is wrong with our justice system that lets this kind of behaviour happen with no consequences. Why are the police above the law? Please make this a major plank in your party for the next election. What else can we do to make body cameras compulsory?
Thank you for your attention to this important issue. Our justice team would appreciate hearing back from you on this issue as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

If the police are above the law we are all dammed.

How it will be delivered

We are creating an e-petition in the House of Commons. Please go to e-4459 for electronic petitions for the House of Commons/