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To: University of the Fraser Valley Administration

More Open Educational Resources at UFV

Textbooks and other educational materials cost UFV students hundreds of dollars each semester. This high cost of textbooks on top of rising costs of living and tuition has become a barrier to accessing education for many students at UFV.

The provincial government has invested in Open Education for BC students but it takes support from university administrators and instructors to implement Open Educational Resources (OERs) in UFV classes. Though there has been some uptake and development of OERs at UFV, we recognize that there is still much work to be done. The UFV Student Union Society encourages UFV administration to prioritize increasing uptake and creation of OERs in order to make education more accessible for UFV students.

Why is this important?

The UFV Student Union Society has started this campaign to showcase student support for Open Educational Resources at UFV.
Sign this petition if you have been impacted by the high cost of textbooks and would like to see more Open Educational Resources at UFV!


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