To: Justin Trudeau

Monthly Allowances for ALL Canadians

Instead of all of the different payment programs, have ONE. Give ALL Canadians a monthly allowance to cover things like groceries, bills, mortgages, etc.
For example: $2000.00 for the first adult
$500.00 for spouse
$250.00 for each dependent
(on top of CTB)

Why is this important?

This would stream line the entire process. There would be no need for EI claims (therefore no need for extra staff, which equals less chance of exposure), no need for OW reporting (again, more workers could be at home), no need for mortgage deferrals, bans on utility cut offs, student loan deferrals, ect, ect. ALL of these issues, and more, would no longer be a problem period. This would also address the concerns of people the current programs do not cover by giving the people who are left out allowences as well.