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To: Minister of Education Stephen Lecce

Minister Lecce: Let TDSB protect our kids

Allow TDSB to shorten their school day so that they can deliver smaller class sizes in the coming school year and protect our kids from COVID exposure.

Why is this important?

TDSB staff have put together a plan that will allow class cohort sizes to decrease to 15-20 students per class, as recommended by Toronto Public Health.

The plan costs $20 million dollars for additional teachers - drastically less than other plans or approaches - and it requires a slightly shorter school day.

However, the plan cannot proceed unless the Minister of Education gives TDSB permission to shorten the school day by 48 minutes. And Minister Lecce has refused that permission.

By refusing permission, the Minister is forcing Toronto schools to cram kids into larger classes where their risk of exposure is much higher due to a lack of physical distancing. There is no justification for such a risk when we have a high-quality, effective plan on the table.

Tell the Minister - protect our kids and give TDSB the simple permission it needs to enact this plan.

Note: if you'd like to read the full TDSB plan, you can do so here:



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