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To: Minister of Immigration Ahmed D Hussen

Minister Ahmed D Hussen, stop international student Jobandeep's deportation

Stop international student Jobandeep’s deportation and give him a temporary resident permit. Ensure all migrants and international students get equal labour rights and permanent status on arrival!

Why is this important?

My name is Jobandeep Singh Sandhu. I came to Canada as an international student to study Mechanical engineering technician course on 26th August 2015. Like any International student, any migrant I had dreams when I came here. I dreamt of working as a Mechanical engineer, the dream didn’t seem impossible at first. But as I continued my studies and I wasn’t able to pay my fees and support my education. I had a choice either to stop studying or work harder to support my education and my dreams. I chose the latter.

It was only two weeks before I was supposed to graduate. I was happy that I was going to achieve my dreams. On 13th December 2017, when I was driving back from Montreal to Toronto on a commercial truck, I was arrested for working more than 20 hours. And now I am being deported for working hard.

What is happening to me is happening to a lot of people. International students don’t get the same labour rights that everyone else gets. There is a broader structural issue in our laws that limit these rights to only a few.

In my last attempt to stay in this country and work hard for myself and the society, I have applied for a Temporary Resident Permit. But it has been on hold. I have to leave this country by June 15th (update: the removal date has now been pushed to June 15 from May 31). Help me so I can stay in this country. Help me in calling on Canada so International students don’t get deported for working hard, so they get the equal labour rights and permanent status on arrival!

* International student arrested, facing deportation for working too many hours:


If you are an international student facing any problems, contact Migrant Workers Alliance for support at [email protected]




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