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To: Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance

Make sure the federal budget includes funding for the Canadian Disability Benefit.

An image of people holding a safety net made of a dollar.

Fully fund the Canadian Disability Benefit in Budget 2022.

Why is this important?

The cost of groceries, bills, and rent is skyrocketing. For the millions of Canadians with disabilities who are forced to rely on an inadequate fixed income, it means that making ends meet is a struggle.

Putting more money in the pockets of people with disabilities is a crucial first step to ensuring everyone can meet their basic needs, put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. And in 2020, the federal government promised a new Canadian Disability Benefit [1] — but so far it’s failed to materialize.

Here’s where you come in: On April 7, the federal government will release its budget: a crucial roadmap that determines where to spend money over the next year. [2]

It’s the exact place where the government could turn their promise of the Canadian Disability Benefit into action, but so far they haven’t indicated whether there’ll be money in the budget for the new benefit or not.

As the Finance Minister is getting ready to release the budget, a flood of emails from thousands of us could send a loud and clear message that Ontarians expect funding for the Canadian Disability Benefit in the budget. It could force her to think twice about releasing a budget without support for people with disabilities — but only if enough of us speak out. Send a message now.



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